At Food Fraud 2017 you kindly provided us with some top tips for securing the supply chain
Here are your suggestions:

“Learn from others”

“Source from the best, even if the commercial people may not like it”

“Have complete visibility (Supply Chain Mapping)”

“Have robust risk assessments & Audit processes by approved suppliers”

“Know and audit your suppliers”

“Have robust specifications including authenticity programmes”

“Employ trained food integrity auditors”

“Introduce a performance bond that holds suppliers accountable for authenticity”

“Have solid scenario planning”

“Have a detailed risk assessment of the raw materials”

“Have a preventative system in place”

“Educate your colleagues across the business”

“Shared communication”

“Visit, audit, and evaluate the supply chain yourself”

“Use the best suppliers”

“Verify with audit and risk based testing”

“Have trustworthy partners and build long term relationships but be careful not to trust too much”

“Auditing – Internal exposure and third party”

“Map the supply chain against backdrop of geographical and category specific risk indicators”

“Have unannounced integrity audits of your suppliers”

“Risk assess your supply chain – Identify key risk points and put strength control measures in place”

“Know your supply chain end-to-end”

“Know your suppliers through horizon scanning and have an open and transparent relationship”

“Know your products – Be a sector expert”

“Don’t just rely on testing. Carry out specific integrity audits, which include traceability + Mass balance challenges”

“Have an integrated cross-business strategy around food integrity”

“Have an understanding of what your knowledge gaps and blind spots are”

“Redefine scope of audits to include integrity as well as food safety”

“Build supplier trust where commercial price is only one factor for consideration”

“Buy directly from the source and use agents and brokers a little as possible”

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