Food Fraud: A global insight

Food fraud is causing the food and beverage industry to lose up to £12bn annually, it’s therefore paramount that the industry connects, collaborates and eradicates fraud across the supply chain

Food Fraud 2018 reunites Food Manufacturers, Supermarkets, Processors, Suppliers, Technology Companies, and Academia from around the globe for an unmissable day of sharing best practices, lessons learned and detection & prevention methods. Join Food Fraud 2018 and stop dishonest food from reaching peoples plates. 

The conference, hosted in London on 1 March 2018, is a forum to discuss valuable and relative topics, alternative approaches, reaffirm processes, and provide insight into the industry and how it needs to adapt.

2018 Speakers Include:

David Oliver

Head of Technical, Delicious Food Team


Samuel Godefroy

Chair, AOAC Food Fraud Task Force


Ron McNaughton

Head of the Scottish Food Crime and Incidents Unit

Food Standards Scotland

Prof. Dr. Huub Lelieveld


Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)

Stephen Shields

Technical Director

Huntapac Produce Ltd

Shane McCarthy

Founder & Chief Executive

Ireland Craft Beers

Gavan Wafer

Head of Crime Operations

National Food Crime Unit, Food Standards Agency

Petter Olsen

Senior Scientist


David Primrose


Synergy Food Ingredients

Mariah Ehmke

Associate Professor

University of Wyoming

Tomi Helin

Materials Manager


Chris Elliot

“The event held in Manchester was, in my opinion, hugely successful. Not only in terms of the quality of the presentations and numbers that attended the event but in the engagement of so many sectors of the UK food industry. A forum to learn and exchange information on a highly important and sensitive topic has been created.”

Chris Elliott, Professor of Food Safety, Founder of the Institute for Global Food Safety and Lead, Elliott Review into the Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks, will once again chair the conference. Chris is one of the leading figures in the fight for global food safety and he will share his views on assessing industry progress. Food Fraud attendees have a unique opportunity to learn from Chris and gain new and valuable intelligence.

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“Seeing the food industry united and working together to solve the Food Fraud problems is very exciting”
University of Manchester

“Class line-up – One of the best conferences in ages!”
Authenticate IS Ltd.

“Fantastic and unique mix of industry/regulators and researchers in the food sector”
Waters Corporation

“A great opportunity to consider the latest thinking”

“An informative day with some eye-openers”
Lamex Foods Europe Ltd.

“Food Fraud – A complex conundrum, but I’m now better equipped to handle it plus I learned about the approaches taken by others”
Iceland Foods