Safeguarding the global food supply chain


 We are pleased to welcome the authors of Sorting the Beef from the Bull, Richard Evershed and Nicola Temple.


Three years since the outbreak of the horsemeat scandal, food fraud is a bigger global problem than ever. Types of food fraud include; dilation, mislabelled or misinterpreted products, ingredient substitution or tampered products.

New Food’s one-day Food Fraud conference will address these issues and more by bringing together Quality Assurance Heads from global food manufacturers and processors who need to keep up-to-date on the latest regulations. Industry professionals will share best practice in preventing food fraud and to assess the most cutting-edge testing technology in the sector.

The conference will combine a series of sessions including case studies, panel discussions, spotlight focuses and presentations, creating a well-rounded and highly informative conference. With ample time for questions and discussions, the food fraud programme will enable attendees to gain a full insight into the issues currently relating to food fraud and plans to address these.

Speaking Organisations include:

  • National Food Crime Unit, Food Standards Agency
  • Nestlé Research Centre
  • Mars
  • The Institute for Food Safety, Integrity and Protection
  • Metro Cash & Carry

The day will be chaired by Chris Elliot, Professor of Food Safety, Founder of the Institute for Global Food Safety and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast. Here, Professor Elliot will introduce methods for tracking and decreasing food fraud and what can and should be done to regulate this global issue.